What is Pride Park?

The Simple Answer

Pride Park is a book: a multi-genre collection of stories and poetry linked to the fictional location of Pride Park, where LGBT+ people can be themselves. The book was released on June 12, 2018 as a response to the Pulse attack two years previously. All proceeds go to The Trevor Project, a charity providing anti-bullying and mental health initiatives for vulnerable LGBT+ young people.

The Detailed Answer

Pride Park is a fictional setting. It is a community park that has walking trails, playgrounds, grassy knolls, a botanical garden, a water fountain, farmers’ markets, hot dog vendors, etc. Think Central Park, but smaller. In our canon, it has become a safe space for the LGBT+ community. There is a wall at the entrance where a piece of graffiti has been preserved that reads Pride. Hope. Love. Pride Park exists in all timelines and universes. The park changes for each writer, but the idea remains the same.

You can find the book on your local Amazon here. If you represent a bookstore or library, our organising team can be contacted here. And here is a quick link to our Press Release page, including a sneak peek inside the book. Our Media Pack is a more download-friendly version with some story quotes suitable for social media.

The book is published by Writers Colony Press, with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Pride Park can be found on Facebook. We would love to see this book in libraries, schools, bookshops and at Pride events. We hope you will be part of the journey!

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