In the beginning, we were just a Facebook group created after the Orlando Massacre. We wanted to give something to LGBTQIA community: a charity anthology. In less than two days, we went from only a handful of contributors to over 140. With that many writers came a lot of ideas about how the anthology should be put together. From that creative chaos came Pride Park.

Pride Park is a fictional setting. It is a community park that has walking trails, playgrounds, grassy knolls, a botanical garden, a water fountain, farmers markets, hot dog vendors, etc. Think Central Park, but smaller.

In our canon, it has become a safe space for the LGBTQIA community. There is a wall at the entrance where a piece of graffiti has been preserved that reads “Pride. Hope. Love.” with a rainbow. (Exact imagery will be determined!)

Pride Park exists in all timelines and universes, which will allow for genres like fantasy, sci-fi, etc., while still tying together with that sense of a safe space and normalcy of a park. Pride Park changes for each writer, but the idea reminds the same.

Your story doesn’t need to be entirely set in Pride Park, nor does it have to be the focus. We want you to populate the park with your characters. They walk by it on their way to school. They meet their ace romantic partner by the fountain. They sell their handmade soaps at the farmers market. They write poems in chalk on the sidewalk. They take their genderfluid child to play on the swings. They sit on the bench and remember times gone by.

It also doesn’t have to be a story. We are also accepting poetry and black & white art. Color variants of the art can be hosted on this site.

Pride Park has three spin-offs— Pride Park After Dark and Pride Park: State of Mind.

Pride Park After Dark

We put a “no graphic sex” restriction on the original anthology and people raised their hands and asked if they could have an unrestricted 18+ anthology sister project. We came up with Pride Park, and collectively gasped as we realized how perfect “Pride Park After Dark” sounded. This anthology is sex-positive erotica of all flavors. Like Pride Park Original Recipe, this will have the requirement of including Pride Park in some form.

Pride Park: State of Mind

When we presented the idea of Pride Park, we were immediately asked how people with non-fiction stories were supposed to submit. Pride Park is fictional. So we made another anthology title, using the idea of Pride Park—a safe space for everyone, regardless of their sexuality and gender. This is Pride Park as a state of mind. There is no requirement to include Pride Park in your story.